Business Analytics & Solutions

We believe that having timely, accurate and meaningful information on hand can help strengthen your business. We provide tailor-made business intelligence and report solutions to help you make smarter decisions.


At iTvTi we help our clients consolidate relevant qualified information from their data repository and facilitate quick actionable insights with the support of data visualization tools. The solutions provide in-built scalability for handling complex analytical workloads and voluminous data.


Where other developers offer “off-the-rack” solutions for your business requirements, iTvTi provides customised solutions and matured open-source product offerings to suit your company and your target audience.


Our Projects


Application Name App Logo Description
KOOKAI Business Reports A Business Intelligence tool that helps KOOKAI transform their data into actionable business intelligence. Rd More..
Lyndhurst Loan Solutions A Desktop Application Software tailor-made to suit Lyndhurst Fiji manage their employee loan portfolio. Rd More..